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Special class insurance

Your access to private medicine
As a private patient in the hospital:
Your health is your greatest possession & our concern!

Therefore, as a private patient in the hospital, you can enjoy the following services:

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Free choice of hospital & doctor
after an accident
Service & comfort of the special class
after an accident
Federal state or Austria guarantee (incl. European guarantee) at your choice
Only insurable with the Austrian Guarantee (also European Guarantee)
Only insurable with the Austrian Guarantee (also European Guarantee)
Austria & Europe guarantee after accident and in case of serious illness
Only insurable with the Austrian Guarantee (also European Guarantee)
Only insurable with the Austrian Guarantee (also European Guarantee)
Worldwide cost guarantee, if the health insurance for travelling abroad is included in the Austrian tariff
Full cost reimbursement in the special class double-room
after an accident
less deductible
Cost reimbursement in the special class single-room
optional with additional tariff
* Note
Insurance coverage for outpatient surgery
after an accident
No deductible
Cure allowance
Rehabilitation allowance
after an accident
Substitutional daily allowance
after an accident
Maternity allowance
Cost coverage for accompaniment
nach Unfall
BabyBonus (optional additional module)
RewardBonus 65 (optional additional module)
No waiting time in general
* Note: In the Austrian tariff for ASVG insured and comparable persons (GKK, SVA of the commercial sector with entitlement to benefits in kind, SVA of farmers, VA for railways and mining), as well as for BVA insured persons, included free of premium, except in Vienna hospitals. For federal state tariffs or for Viennese hospitals optionally additionally insurable.
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Step 1:

Inform the hospital that you have Allianz` special class insurance (if necessary show your private patient card).

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Step 2:

The hospital will get in touch with us to clarify the cost coverage.

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Step 3:

If there is an assumption of costs, the costs for your stay in hospital will be directly covered by us.

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