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FAQ's Vehicle Insurance
The conclusion of a motor vehicle liability insurance policy is a legal requirement and a basic prerequisite for a vehicle to take part in road traffic. 
Your vehicle will be registered at any registration office of your choice.
Here you can find a map of Allianz car registration offices.
A number of documents are required to register your vehicle. You can find out what these in our checklist here.
In principle, up to 3 vehicles can be applied for under one interchangeable number plate. However, it is necessary that the vehicles are of the same type. This means that two passenger cars can be registered under one registration plate, but registration of a passenger car and a motorcycle on the same plate is not allowed. 

Furthermore, an electric vehicle and a vehicle with an internal combustion engine can only be registered on a licence plate if no green electric licence plate is used. For more information and further details on the registration of interchangeable number plates, please contact our registration offices. 

Attention: All required documents for all vehicles must be available at the time of registration. So do not forget to check your documents for completeness. Here you will find all information about the admission !

Vehicle liability insurance covers property damage, financial loss and personal injury caused by your vehicle to others: for example, damage to other vehicles or things (such as a road that becomes dirty due to the escape of engine oil), but not damage to your own vehicle. This is only covered by comprehensive insurance.

Insured are vehicle owner, driver, policyholder, owner and passengers. The motor vehicle liability insurance also protects against unjustified claims for damages against you as the owner of the vehicle.

The sum covered is the maximum amount your car insurance pays in the event of a claim.
Any costs incurred beyond this must be borne by you.

It therefore makes sense not to rely exclusively on the legally prescribed minimum amount of cover.

The start date of the contract period and coverage are stated in your insurance policy. These data are valid as long as the payment of the first insurance premium has been made on time and in full.

By issuing an insurance certificate, you can ensure that the insurance cover begins before the policy is sent, so that your vehicle can be registered for road traffic immediately.

The insurance cover of motor vehicle liability insurance extends to Europe in the geographical sense. 
In any case, it refers to the territory of Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
With the Green Insurance Card ("Green Card") you can confirm the existence of a vehicle liability insurance when you are travelling abroad. In the EU countries as well as in Iceland and Switzerland, it is not mandatory to carry the Green Card. 

In Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova and Ukraine, however, the Green Card is mandatory. However, the so-called "Small Green Card" is sufficient in these cases, which can be applied for free at your vehicle liability insurer. 

For Azerbaijan, Iran, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia and Turkey a separate large Green Card must be issued by the insurer. In this case, the insurance premium is increased for the duration of the journey. If you are unable to present your Green Card at a traffic control, this may be a case for administrative fines. Checks are already carried out at the border.

By the way, the Green Card is not valid in Kosovo. Here you must take out a "border insurance". 

In principle, it is advisable to carry a Green Card with you on all car journeys abroad to avoid problems.
You can request your Green Card at any time via the My Allianz app (for IOS and Android) or at the My Allianz portal. 
It will be sent to you by post afterwords: please take the delivery time into account when planning your trip. 

If you do not have access to the app or have problems with the registration in the customer portal, please contact our Allianz Customer Service (Mon-Fri 7:00-18:00) by +43 5 9009 580 or
If you have caused a vehicle liability claim, your classification in the bonus-stage system will be downgraded by three levels. This will adjust the premium of your motor vehicle liability insurance.
Your premium will be recalculated on the next premium due date, which you can read about in your insurance policy or on the My Allianz Customer Portal and the My Allianz App (for IOS and Android).
If you wish to change the preferred method of payment, please contact your Allianz consultant or the Allianz Contract Service (Mon-Fri 7:00-18:00: +43 (0)5 9009 9001 or Both can, for example, change the annual payment method to monthly.
Yes, it's possible. You can insure up to three vehicles under the same licence plate number (see Change of Licence Plate Number).

For example, if you:

  • are driving without a valid driver's licence, 
  • let someone without a valid driver's licence drive your vehicle in a state impaired by alcohol or narcotics, 
  • drive more people than stated on the registration certificate, 
  • transport your vehicle in a non-operationally safe state
  • use a vehicle without a licence plate 
  • fail to comply with other contractual obligations, 

your motor vehicle liability insurance will cover the compensation for the victims of the accident, but will demand these costs (at least in part) from you by way of recourse. This right of recovery is limited to €22,000. If you have not paid your premium on time and the contract is therefore out of cover, you must expect to have to reimburse the entire costs.

If the contract concludes with a minimum term of one year, it is automatically renewed for a further year unless it is terminated in writing by the end of the month at the latest, observing the period of notice (in vehicle liability insurance: 1 month).

As a result of a claim, you can also cancel the vehicle liability insurance without giving reasons. 

If the vehicle is sold, the buyer can terminate the contract immediately (usually the date of deregistration of the vehicle).

The alliance does not offer special rates for novice drivers. However, you can receive a refund of up to 25% of the vehicle premium paid and save cash by participating in the BonusDrive program.

In contrast to the basic cover of vehicle liability insurance, kasko insurance is taken out on a voluntary basis. 
It insures - depending on the chosen package and level of protection - against damage, destruction and loss of the vehicle as a result of natural forces (e.g. B. hail, rockfall, flooding), third-party fault (theft, vandalism or parking damage), exposure to animals (such as bites or collisions), fire, explosion or scorching damage, and glass breakage.

Within the scope of the fully comprehensive MAX package, you are also insured for the case of personal injury - even if this was caused by gross negligence.

The hull insurance is not liable for vehicle damage that occurs in the course of legally punishable, intentional actions of the driver, nor for damage that occurs through the use of the insured vehicle in the context of a car or vehicle accident during motorcycle race and associated training rides. Also, vehicle damages in connection with riots/unrest and war events are not covered as well as damages caused by earthquakes or radiation.
If you are urgently dependent on your vehicle and cannot replace it quickly from your own resources in an emergency, it is always advisable to take out comprehensive insurance. 

Our fully comprehensive MAX package is especially recommended for vehicles that are as good as new or not older than 3 years. 
Our partial cover package EXTRA can be a sensible alternative if your vehicle is 4 to 6 years old. 
Our Naturkasko package PLUS is especially recommended for vehicles more than 6 years old for a cost-effective protection against risks such as wildlife accidents.

For example, if you:

  • are driving without a valid driver's licence,
  • let someone without a valid driver's licence drive your vehicle in a state impaired by alcohol or narcotics,
  • drive more people than stated on the registration certificate,
  • transport your vehicle in a non-operationally safe state
  • use a vehicle without a licence plate
  • fail to comply with other contractual obligations,

then you can face coverage limitations (i.e. reduction of the benefit by the agreed deductible) or the partial or complete loss of insurance cover.

As any other vehicle that takes part in the road traffic, motorcycles and mopeds are also obliged to take out vehicle liability insurance. For even better protection you can also choose a comprehensive insurance. As for all other types of vehicles, our four vehicle packages COMFORT, PLUS, EXTRA and MAX are available for protection. With EXTRA or MAX package, you get a particularly comprehensive insurance cover, as both include coverage for vandalism and parking damage, provide compensation in the event of glass breakage and also insure items that are in the top case against theft.
No, accidents and damages in this regard are not covered by regular car insurance. However, these benefits can be acquired if you additionally take out an accident insurance with corresponding extensions.
Yes, it's possible. If you declare that you won't  use your motorcycle between 1st of November and the 1st of March of the following year, then we can grant a 35% discount on your insurance premium.

If your vehicle is immobilized by deregistration or deposit of licence plates, the comprehensive insurance is limited to the garage risk: this means that from this moment on, only insured events occurring inside the garage or on the vehicle parking space are covered. For this we grant you a corresponding premium discount. Important:

Please do not forget to notify us immediately of the lifting of a shutdown!

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