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Legal protection insurance

With our private legal protection you are always on the safe side!
What are the main benefits?

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Compensation and legal protection
Legal protection for criminal damages
Worldwide insurance coverage after accidents involving personal injury while travelling
Legal protection for taxes in the private and business sectors
Data protection in the private sector
Advice and legal protection in the private and business sector
Contractual legal protection in the private sector
Legal protection while traveling abroad
Social security legal protection in the private and business sectors
Extended cover for part-time self-employment
Labour legal protection in the business section

We protect your rights, no matter what it is about: Whether you need a quick, uncomplicated legal advice by phone, the settlement of extra-judicial matters, writting of letters from a legal perspective or a represantation in court - whenever it comes to your rights, we are here to help. 

Sometimes it can cost a fortune to protect your rights!

The financial risk of litigation can be enormous. The costs of the own and opposing attorney, court and witness fees as well as further epenses for experts can be requested in whole or in part - depending on the process itself, but also which party wins or looses the trial. 

Even if you win, you can be obligated to pay court costs. This might happen, if your opponent is not solvent. In this case, you must pay the costs for your own lawyer and the court fees (as a plaintiff) yourself.

With Allianz legal protection you are fully protected: Allianz covers your litigation costs. 
For you, your spouse or partner and - under certain conditions - also for your children up to the age of 25.


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