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Allianz My Car Insurance offers benefits tailor-made for the specific characteristics of electric vehicles.
Road assistance icon Roadside Assistance
Did you run out of battery? We will take you to the nearest charging point so you can recharge and continue your trip. If something else happens to the car, use our assistance and we will tow you to the desired place. This will not affect your policy status. 
cars charging icon Car’s Charging Equipment
Your charging cables, wall box, adaptors and other equipment can also be covered in case of accidental damage, fire, or theft.
Battery coverage icon Battery Coverage
We know that battery can be one of the most expensive parts of your EV. Our insurance can also cover it in case of damage, fire, or theft. Also when you are leasing it separately from the car.
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Allianz MyCar insurance also includes benefits available with our regular car insurance. Choose one of the four packages and enjoy the best-in-class features
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car leafs icon Why should I choose Allianz MyCar Insurance for EV?
We offer coverage that empowers you to fully utilize your electric car. We continually update our products to keep pace with new technologies and our customers' expectations, enhancing accessibility and competitiveness in our insurance offerings.
leafs circle icon What benefits do I get with insurance for EV?
Recovery to the nearest charging point, coverage for batteries and charging equipment, and more - in addition to all the benefits offered in regular Allianz My Car Insurance. The entire package is customized to meet the specific needs of EVs and the expectations of our future-conscious consumers.
battery leafs icon What if I run out of battery on the road?
If that happens, call our roadside assistance, and we will recover your vehicle to the nearest charging point or charge your battery on the spot so you can continue your drive. Electric vehicles are still an evolving technology that revolutionizes the way we use our cars, but range anxiety is a common concern among EV drivers. With Allianz My Car Insurance, you do not have to worry about running out of battery.
Picking an electric vehicle can be savvy but is also definitely an eco-friendly way of driving.

First of all, the benefits of green power cannot be overstated – zero-emission driving and carbon neutrality are the directions that the whole motorization industry is heading.

Cost-wise, you do not have to worry about fluctuating gas prices. Plus, if you have a renewable energy source at your home, you can charge your electric vehicle with almost no added costs.
Public DC chargers have capacities of up to 350 kW. In cars equipped to receive such current, batteries can be charged in the range of 20-80% within several minutes. As a result, longer trips in an electric car are no longer problematic. The average driver covers a distance of less than 50 kilometers a day. If there is access to a 230 V outlet in the garage or on the property, it can be used it to charge the battery. Charging from such an outlet with a power of 2.3 kW is enough to replenish the battery overnight for the next day's drive.
Electric city cars are usually able to cover 200-250 km on a single charge. The real range of many modern electric compact, mid-size or SUVs already exceeds 300 km. However, it is impossible to give a precise range as it is significantly influenced by the capacity of the battery of a given model, the style of driving and the speed driven (power consumption begins to increase significantly above 110 km/h). The amount and type of energy consumers used (e.g. running heating reduces the range much more than running air conditioning) also have an impact on how far we can travel on a single charge.
Battery designers have ensured that the cells operate under optimal conditions. The controller manages the speed of charging and energy recovery during braking. It can limit the vehicle's performance when the temperature rises too high, or activate a warm-up procedure to the optimal temperature if a charging stop has been scheduled in the navigation. A driver who wants to maximize battery life should keep the charge between 20-80% of the maximum and, unless necessary, avoid charging with the fastest DC chargers.
The battery is the most expensive component of an electric car. Having to replace it as a result of minor faults would go against the economic sense of using an electric car. Therefore car companies have developed battery repair procedures. Housing damaged by a collision can be replaced. Internal electrical equipment such as wiring, controllers, safety systems and each of the modules responsible for collecting electricity, is exchangeable. Only the individual cells inside the modules cannot be replaced.
With My Car for EV Plus, Extra and Max packages, you are fully covered when in an accident, or when your electric vehicle malfunctions and suddenly stops in the middle of nowhere. We offer immediate assistance – car replacement, organizing your return home, or providing hotel accommodation. We work with a number of partners from the rental services area, and they offer a very wide choice of replacement cars. The possibility of providing an electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid replacement car will depend on the availability in the rental partner network. You can be absolutely certain, however, that your insurance will ensure that you get to your destination safe and sound. 
No. We don’t require you to go through additional battery inspection or extra tests. We also don’t need to perform a technical inspection on site before offering you an insurance policy. All we need to be able to offer you full coverage, is for you to fill in a short, digital form and in some cases provide some pictures of your car. The form will only ask for general information, so don’t worry about detailed technical questions. 

With Roadside Assistance, you no longer need to worry what happens if your car drains the whole battery and there’s nowhere near to charge it. We will tow your car to the nearest charging point or repair shop  and we will get you moving really soon.  


You can choose between our Base or Extended Roadside Assistance. The Base package includes the towing service or getting your car mobile again on the spot. The Extended package offers a whole scope of immediate assistance – like car replacement (electric or hybrid, if our rental partners can provide one), getting you home safely, towing your car to the nearest chosen destination, or providing you a hotel room – all of this in case of an accident or car malfunction that would immobilize you. 

Your EV insurance has your battery covered in case of accident, fire or theft. We know how important and expensive batteries are, so our recommendation is to include battery insurance in your package. We offer a wide range of insurance options for your electric car battery. It can be insured against fire damage. You can insure it from being stolen. We also know accidents happen – so we offer an option to insure your battery against accidental damage. We do not offer coverage for normal battery deterioration, i.e. losing its charging capacity over time. Also, you cannot insure your electric vehicle batteries against damage from ways of using them not intended by the manufacturer, e.g. third-party battery control software. You can find more detailed information in our package details.  

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