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My Electric car: insurance cover for tomorrow´s mobility

Four simple packages, one easy choice. See which one suits you best.
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See all benefits of our electric car insurance:
  • Sustainability is important to us – attractive insurance premiums especially for electric vehicles! 
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage similar to My Car  
  • Coverage for indirect lightning strike by charging the vehicle from Package Plus 
  • Breakdown Assistance in case your battery is about to die
We offer tailored solutions for individual needs to provide you 
with the best possible insurance for your situation.

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Third Party Liability
Legal Support
Roadside Assistance (base)
Personal Accident (base)
Natural Catastrophes
Fire, Explosion, Implosion
Animal Collision
Roadside Accident (extended)
Personal Accident (extended)
Own Damage (MOD)
Gap Insurance

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Damage can happen no matter how you drive. 

With Allianz, howeverthis is no cause for concern!
Step 1:

If a damage claim occurs, please report it to us immediately. You can reach us both by phone under 059009-9009 and online !
Step 2:

How would you like to have the damage repaired? Choose one of our partner workshops or simply receive a compensation in cash. In both cases you can save up to 150 Euro!
Step 3:

Stay up to date whenever you want to! With our claims status tracker on your phone!
Smart repair: We focus on repairing instead of buying new. In the event of a damage, our partner workshops are obliged always to repair the damage if possible instead of replacing and disposing broken parts. So we can conserve resources and preserve our ecosystem.

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