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A broken display can be expensive. Protect your Smartphone & Tablet from everyday accidents!
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What are the main benefits?
Small accidents can happen quickly and anywhere. Common damages, such as liquid damage and display breakage, are usually not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

The result is usually a useless cell phone or high repair costs.

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Operating error
Damages due to fracture or liquid
Fire, lightning, explosion or implosion, overvoltage, induction, short circuit
Sabotage, vandalism, intentional damage by third parties
Burglary, theft or robbery
bis €200,-
Call charged after burglary, theft or robbery
Compensation in case of partial damage
Costs: Smartphone / Tablet 0-500€
monthly €3,99
monthly €5,99
Costs: Smartphone / Tablet €501 - € 1.500
monthly €7,49
monthly €9,99
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