Income protection:
The protection of your labour force

Your profession brings many benefits: self-realization, recognition, togetherness.

But most importantly, it secures your income and thus provides the financial basis for your life and that of your loved ones.

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Every premium euro, whether from a household, car or life insurance, is invested by your insurer on the capital market. As an insurance customer, you have the choice of whom to entrust your money. With Allianz you can be sure: we invest your money according to the strictest criteria, controlled by the WWF.

Statistically speaking, every fourth person* is affected by occupational disability once in their lifetime. Mental illness is now the most common cause. 

*Source: own cover pool

The Austrian social security system offers a certain basic level of protection. In the event of disability, these benefits will often not be enough to ensure the standard of living you and your family are used to. Think of your monthly fixed costs for living, your car, but also necessary purchases and holidays.

How does our social system protect them?

In the event of occupational disability, the Austrian social security system offers a certain amount of basic coverage (e.g. B. the occupational disability pension according to ASVG). However, this does not correspond to the amount of the last income. To avoid possible financial shortages and to maintain your standard of living, private insurance pays off!

A private insurance pays off!

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