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Claims processing: fast & simple

street car collision
Contact us as soon as an accident happens. You can reach us both by phone and online!
street smartphone
We will then send you a personalised link.
This allows you to track the process of your claim - around the clock!
car on a road
And that's it! 
Have a pleasant journey!
  1. The 4 steps of claim process - briefly:
  2. Notification: By informing us, you also start the process of claim processing. 
  3. Assessment: We assess the damage, check the presence of necessary documents and determine the amount of insurance coverage. 
  4. Repair: Your vehicle is repaired and the claim is paid! 
  5. Feedback: Afterwards, we are glad to receive some feedback on your experience in order to continuously improve our service.
Schadenstatus Tracker Smartphone Screenshot