Hospital daily allowance

Cushion additional costs with the daily hospital allowance for hospital stays!
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Benefits and highlights of Krankenhaus-Tagegeldes:
A stay in the hospital can be very expensive.
Protect yourself against financial burdens with our hospital daily allowance insurance.

Receive a daily allowance for your stay in hospital - no matter what happened: whether after an accident or in the event of illness.

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Daily allowance per day of hospital stay
Assumption of accompanying costs in the case of hospitalisation of an insured child
Maternity allowance
Spa and rehabilitation
Elimination of the general waiting period
Doubling of the daily allowance depending on the tariff option chosen, e. g. B. after accident
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Step 1:

You have stayed at a hospital.
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Step 2:

Send us the confirmation of your stay in hospital by e-mail (krankenversicherung@allianz. at) or by post!
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Step 3:

You will receive the compensation
transferred to your account.

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