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Child Accident Insurance

Childhood is an amazing journey, let it be safe! With great protection for the little ones.
See all benefits of a child accident insurance

If your child has an accident, the state social security system is a basic insurance. But it is not guaranteed, that all costs are covered in the event of a claim.

The insurance coverage provided by Allianz child accident insurance can also be combined with other existing accident insurance policies - This means, that you will receive our payments additionally!

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Child Accident Insurance
Permanent invalidity
up to €60.000
Additional insurance sum from a level of disability of at least 50%
up to €60.000
Cost coverage for search and rescue incl. Helicopter rescue
up to €3.000
Accident-related cost coverage
up to €1.000
Death caused by accident
up to €3.000
* The payment increases linearly up to a disability-level of 25%. If the disability-level exceeds 25%, the payment is quadrupled for the portion exceeding 25%. If the disability-level exceeds 90%, 300% of the sum insured will be paid for permanent disability.
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Step 1: 

As soon as you have an accident and you are suffering damages, you should report it to us. 

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Step 2: 

Fill in the claim form completely and send it back to us. You find this form online, but we are also happy to send it to you on request. 

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Step 3: 

We will provide you with all needed information regarding the further claim process. In this way, we will keep you up-to-date on the status of your claim. 

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