Sustainable products and services

Positive impacts on people and the environment in the core of our business
As an insurance company we define our mission to support you in leading a sustainable lifestyle and provide you with appropriate insurance solutions.
With Allianz, you can be sure — your insurance premium is invested as sustainable as possible, step-by-step.
Soziales Engagement
Your electric car is in superb hands with us! We offer our customers a special premium discount for the electric car insurance. 

Allianz Austria's bicycle insurance also applies to e-bikes. So nothing stands in the way of getting to work with an electric bike. 

Smart repair: We rely on repair instead of buying new. In the event of damage, our partner workshops are obliged to repair the damage whenever possible before any broken parts are replaced and disposed of. This way we can conserve resources and at the same time relieve the purse.
Let the sunshine in: Solar and photovoltaic systems are an integral part of Allianz Austria's Home insurance. 

With solar energy, you can secure your own energy supply and additionally feed unused, remaining energy into the grid — which benefits you, your neighbours and the environment.
Health is the greatest good, unfortunately we only notice it while personally facing some serious problems. 
We provide a step forward and offer health insurance as part of the "Outpatient Treatment" module health promotion measures such as precautionary check-ups, medical fitness check, nutritional advice, support for weight reduction and smoking cessation, but also pregnancy gymnastics. 

Similarly, a reimbursement of costs for alternative medicine (e.g. Acupuncture, homeopathy), psychological and psychotherapeutic treatments as well as social and life counsellors possible.
Products for your bright future. A life insurance usually runs over several decades, so that your premium is cumulatively assessed on a long-term basis. It is therefore particularly important to have a reliable and stable partner and to find profitable and sustainable investment opportunities. 

All funds of the classic life insurance of Allianz Austria have been re-studied and have adopted the model of sustainable investment. With unit-linked life insurance, you have the fund selection in your own hands and therefore determine your sustainable investment strategy. Since January 2020, Allianz Invest funds of funds - the core element of our fund-linked investments - have also been analysed and evaluated according to ESG criteria. 

Allianz's customers can also enjoy investing in our special sustainability fund.
Allianz has been working to save paper for years. One of the most important steps in this direction was the introduction of the e-police in 2012. 

We provide all the documents regarding insurance products to our customers - with the consent of electronic communication - digitally in the customer portal or in the My Allianz app. 

An amazing digital transformation that saves tons of paper and helps us to preserve the nature.