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#1 in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index since 2017
The Allianz Group, consolidated under Allianz SE, is one of the largest insurers, investors and assistance providers in the world. With over 92 million customers and 142,300 employees, we want to secure your future and strive to ensure that our business benefits each of our stakeholders.

This goes beyond offering first-class products and services that protect you, your loved ones and your livelihood.
We also ensure that our business activities correlate with well-being of our environment, economy and society, and that we become a part of the solution to the world's greatest challenges.

From tackling climate change to sustainable investment and developing products with environmental and social benefits to supporting young people, we want to create a world that is healthier, less wasteful, fairer and more sustainable.
CSR Strategie Allianz
For the third time in a row, Allianz Group, consolidated under Allianz SE, has been recognized as the most sustainable insurance company in the world. In the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), the Allianz Group achieved the best rating as an industry leader over all rated insurance companies. In the world's most comprehensive sustainability index, Allianz stands with 87 points far above the average of 47 points for all companies. Since 2000, we have been part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which evaluates ecological, social and ethical factors.
Sustainability Award
This year's report focuses on Allianz International's commitment to long-term climate protection — both through our business activities as insurers and investors as well as through our corporate activities. Traditionally our report offers a variety of different topics: how we deal with ESG opportunities and risks, how we offer sustainable solutions, protect our customers, promote our employees and get involved in the community.

Attention: All data and facts in the report refer to Allianz International, our parent company.