Responsible corporate culture

Business ecology or: "Don't print, keep it on screen!"
For Allianz as an insurer and long-term investor, eco-friendly and resource-efficient business is part of its core philosophy and corporate culture.

Since 2010, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 39. 4 percent.
Since 2012, we have been covering all our electricity needs from renewable energy sources.
verantwortungsvolle unternehmenskultur
The Allianz General Directorate at the Hietzinger Kai in Vienna has been awarded the "Green Building" for its efficient use of energy and water as well as the reduction of waste and paper since 2008. 
It has also been certified as a "Blue Building" since 2012. The focus of this certificate is primarily on human needs.
The opportunities for CO2 reduction are diverse, and many are on the Alliance's agenda for a green future. 
We dedicate ourselves to renewable energy, fewer business trips, saving electricity and gas.
Since 2010, for example, a total of 40% CO2 per employee has been saved. 
In 2018 alone, that was 166 tonnes of CO2.
Imagine 34 full bathtubs. That's around 4,800 litres of water. Since 2006, we at Allianz have had the same amount of annual water consumption per employee. Water usages are optimized, for example by installing water stop buttons. This is more than 32% water saving.
Since 2014, Allianz has succeeded to reduce paper consumption by almost 42%. In Allianz customer service has already become "paperless". Moreover, electronic policing also helps us and our customers to save many pages of paper every day. In five years, we've saved 187,544 tons of paper. If this saved paper were stacked on top of each other as A4 pages, this would result in a height of 4,126 metres. This corresponds exactly to the height of the Großglockner with the Eiffel Tower on top.
A classic light bulb has been a reliable light source for a long time. However, it is more of a radiator than a light source - approx. 95 percent of the energy converts into heat, only the remaining five percent into light. 
This is why Allianz has gradually switched to LEDs at an early stage. Among other things, the conversion of the logo lighting on the façade of the Directorate-General to LED was commissioned this year. The savings: around 4,000 kWh per year.