Meine Zukunft Easyinvest - unit-linked life insurance

Focussed on long-term capital accumulation including the opportunity for higher tax-free capital gaining
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See all benefits of a unit-linked life insurance:

Benefit from the flexibility of a modern unit-linked life insurance without capital gains taxes.

A life-long contract including the perfect mix: the possibility to achieve higher returns during the decumulation phase as well as the cover pool´s security within the profit phase.

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Meine Zukunft Easyinvest
Meine Zukunft Easyinvest
Potential returns
Add capital flexibly
Allianz Portfolio Blue Invest
Option to pause premium payments
Capital withdrawal in decumulation phase (partially / totally)
Life-long pension in decumulation phase
Flexible capital management
Start 55
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* The key investor information about the funds can be found in our Morningstar Fund Information Service under the item "documents" in the column "key investor information".

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