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  •  An unit-linked life insurance provides financial safety for you and your beloved ones: In case the insured person dies before the contract expires, their relatives benefit from a life-long retirement pension as well as payments.
  •  While you get a fixed interest rate from a traditional life insurance, the payment of an unit-linked life insurance depends on the performance of the listed funds and is therfor variable.
  •  An unit-linked life insurance invests your insurance rates in funds. Your pension provision will therefor benefit from the value the capital markets add.

The awareness of sustainability grows - in the financial sector as well as in the insurance sector. This is also the reason why more and more people are demanding transparent assessment, which ensures that their deposits are placed in environmental-friendly and fair investments.

Allianz is aware of it´s responsibility! Between 2012 and 2014, we were the first insurance to have it´s entire capital - which is around €7 bn - thoroughly examined. The base for this examination is a model, developed by WWF in cooperation with further experts, which combines all requirements for a sustainable future in the areas of environment, social affairs and the economy with a practical implementation on the financial markets.

In total 150 indicators were used.

We are convinced that our products will protect your future on one side, but will also help to preserve the planet on the other side. What about you? Play it safe by choosing our unit-linked life insurance.
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