Traditional life Insurance:
Fixkosten Plus

✔    Top interest rates: attractive profit sharing plus
        guaranteed capital payment or life-long pension

✔    High flexibility: optional additional payments,
        optional pausing of premium payments,
        coverage in event of death and survival dependants

✔    Partnership with WWF Austria: sustainable investments
        in Allianz` cover pool

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Meine Gesundheitsversicherung - Mein Wahlarzt
Our product Fixkosten Plus is a flexible, but also safe possibility to ensure your fixed costs - now and in future. 

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Top Interest Rates
Add capital flexibly
Option to pause premium payments
not included
Occupational disability
not included
Capital withdrawal in profit phase (partially / totally)
not included
Life-long pension in profit phase
not included
Flexible capital management
not included
Start 55
not included
You can take out Allianz Fixkosten Plus if you are between 18 and 75 years old. Protect not only yourself, but also your underage (grand-)children. In this case, the children acts like a second insured person and can take on the contract later.

Allianz Fixkosten Plus is a classic life insurance policy that focuses on long-term asset accumulation (usually for periods of 15 years or even more) with guaranteed benefits and insurance coverage in the event of death.

In addition to the guaranteed benefits, you participate in an annual profit sharing.

Unlike conventional life insurance policies, Allianz Fixkosten Plus operates without the guaranteed minimum interest rate. In return,
you receive a higher profit and can achieve a higher total capital.

The investment takes place within the classic cover pool (mainly consisting of fixed-interest securities, shares and loans). These assets are managed by Allianz experts. Our investment strategy aims to a sustainable finance of the services of all insurance products within the classic cover pool.

In addition to ensuring the guaranteed services and opportunities for returns, the security of investments is of highest relevance for us.

The return depends on the capital market´s long-term developments. Due to the cost and investment structure, this product is recommended for contract terms from 15 years.

Yes, Allianz Fixkosten Plus is created for long-term asset accumulation – and also for private retirement and pension plans.

If required, this product additionally offers coverage in the event of death and the option of a life-long pension payment. 

Yo not need any special financial or economical knowledge, because the investment is management by Allianz experts.

You can chose between a one-time deposit (minimum of €3.000 for at least 15 years) or an on-going premium payment starting with €20 per month. 


Allianz Fixkosten Plus is a safe solution to ensure your fixed costs. You benefit from many advantages in the saving, but also in the profit phase: Add capital or pause your premium payments during saving phase and receive payments in the profit phase. Chose wether you want to receive: one–time / flexible capital withdrawals, temporary or a guaranteed lifelong pension.

It is also possible to chose a combination of capital withdrawal and pension payments.

Since Allianz Fixkosten Plus is a classic life insurance, you will benefit from the premium payments as soon as the saving phase ends, the insured person dies or the contract terminated. 
The coverage in event of death depends on the age of the insured person as well as the term of insurance. The gender is not relevant for the coverage. 
Allianz Fixkosten Plus has a life-long term. Determine the duration of the saving phase yourself.
In case of financial needs, you can pause your premium payments up to 12 months (24 months in case of maternity leave). In total you can pause your premium payments up to three times.
No. Allianz is not allowed to unilaterally terminate the contract. Only you have the right to terminate the contract prematurely.

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