D&O Insurance: the manager's liability
for commersials

  • Verification: We clarify the extension of the obligated payments due to damages
  • Payment: If entitlement is justified, the service is provided up to the amount of the agreed insured sum
  • Defending against unjustified claims: If our examination assumes that the manager is not guilty
This financial liability insurance is dedicated to managers (executive boards, supervisory boards, advisory boards, managing directors) of legal entities (stock corporations, limited liability companies, cooperatives, foundations) and also to authorized signatories or senior employees. 

A financial disadvantage which does not constitute personal injury or damage to property shall be considered as financial loss. Top-management carries that risk. In case of professionally wrong decisions, the damage often goes into the millions and the manager has to prove that he has not acted culpably (reversal of the burden of proof).
All managers (as described above) can be personally liable without limitation, including their private assets, for culpable breaches of duty committed in the course of their activities.
Shareholders are usually only liable with their investment, the liability for managers may be unlimited and can thus seriously threaten their financial existence.
In case of a joint and several liability, each executive board or managing director is not only liable for his own fault, but also to the full extent for the errors of the other members of the management.
Manager's activities always entail liability risks to both the company itself (internal liability) and, in certain cases, third parties (external liability).

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