Occupational pension provision:
Severance Pay Old

    ☆    The check-in entitlement for the employee is at least 6 monthly salaries

    ☆     (half gross annual salary)

    ☆    A high clearance obligation, the latest upon retirement

  • ☆    Absent of timely precautionary measures, handling payments
            can become a threat to the company’s existence

By taking out a clearance cover insurance, the company saves over several years the necessary capital to finance the resulting clearance obligations.

  • Regular and predictable liquidity burden
  • Arising terminal entitlements shall be financed at the end of the maturity
  • No liquidity problem at retirement age of employee or employer
  • Lower overall burden compared to conventional precautionary measures
  • Company is free to decide for which employees a check-in cover insurance is taken out

Since 2001, it has been possible to outsource all existing handling obligations to an insurance company. * (* Decree of the BMF on RZ 3369a of the EStR 2000)

Advantages for your company:

  • Tax benefits: Insurance value increases are not activated profit-increasingly, therefore no taxation. In addition, no insurance tax
  • Lower liquidity burden compared to other precautionary models
  • Improved Balance Sheet Optics
  • If necessary, a terminal entitlement may be financed at the end of the term
  • Regular and predictable liquidity burden
  • Company is free to decide for which employees a direct handling insurance is taken out (no group criterion required)
  • Strengthening the equity ratio
  • Improvement of key figures especially in the IAS and UGB balance sheet (no group criterion required)
Mr. Max Muster joined your company in 2000 at the age of 20 and earned an annual salary of EUR 25,000,- gross. If a salary increase of 3. 00% per annum is assumed, this will occur until his retirement at his 65. Birthday a check-in claim of EUR 52,344,45.
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Thanks to the cooperation of life insurance, pension funds, investment bank and a strong team of professional Allianz is the only full-spectre provider of occupational pension schemes in Austria.

Allianz is the top provider in the BAV, this fact gets regularly confirmed in market surveys - most recently once again by the AssCompact Award 2018, the most important indicator of brokerage partner satisfaction. 

Allianz has always been #1 since the introduction of the award.

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