Occupational pension provision:
My suplementary pension

  • As an entrepreneur, you want to invest more than 300 euros per year for your employees at a tax-favoured rate. Then you can build up an attractive company pension by paying up to ten percent of the gross wages and salaries completely tax-free and without wage costs to a company’s collective insurance (BKV) or pension fund (PK). 
  • Each contribution is a building block for an additional occupational pension of the employees and includes the care of the survivors in the event of death, also a pension in case of incapacity to work can be selected.
  • Payment of contributions is deemed to be a tax-reducing operating expense
  • Free of non-wage costs – around 30% cost savings on wage payments
  • Motivation of employees through voluntary social benefits
  • Modern instrument of performance remuneration
  • Also possible for managing partners of GmbH (up to 25% share)
  • Costs are predictable and manageable in the long term
  • Additional occupational pension financed by your employer
  • All investment income is credited to the pension account
  • In BKV: Guaranteed pension plus profit sharing
  • Possible increase of pension by voluntary personal contributions
  • Own contributions up to 1,000 euros with state support (§108a EStG)
  • Pension payments are made directly by the BKV/PK
  • Insolvency protection – only workers and/or employees are entitled to benefits. their survivors
  • Pension funds and corporate group insurance are products for occupational retirement provision
  • Both forms are identical in terms of labour, social and tax law
  • But there are differences in the areas of investment, guarantee benefits and the calculation bases used
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Thanks to the cooperation of life insurance, pension funds, investment bank and a strong team of professional Allianz is the only full-spectre provider of occupational pension schemes in Austria.

Allianz is the top provider in the BAV, this fact gets regularly confirmed in market surveys - most recently once again by the AssCompact Award 2018, the most important indicator of brokerage partner satisfaction. 

Allianz has always been #1 since the introduction of the award.

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