Occupational pension provision:
My pension commitment

    This legal promise must be in writing, binding and irrevocable and governs all promises relevant to the performance promise (height, date of payment, . . . ). This promise of benefits also provides the opportunity to cover risks such as survivors' pensions or occupational incapacity. For the purpose of financing, the company enters into pension cover insurance that is tailored to the performance promise.

The company pension as part of a direct service commitment is an ideal, insolvency-protected tax-free tool for business leaders to tie service providers to the company or to reassign corporate assets – to private assets by means of insurance!
  • No social security contributions
  • Tax-efficient capital transfer to the private sector
  • Higher returns through "gross-for-net" assessment of contributions
  • Possible reduction of private wage/income tax during the active period
  • Tax deferral in the retirement phase in the form of a pension or capital withdrawal 
  • Secured pension capital even if the company becomes insolvent
  • Current tax savings in the company by setting up a pension reserve
  • No non-wage costs
  • No social security contributions
  • Motivated service providers with a high level of commitment to the company
  • Risk hedging is fully deductible as operating expenditure
  • A single financial instrument
  • Stable, predictable and calculable savings premiums
  • Non-operational risks are outsourced.

Thanks to the cooperation of life insurance, pension funds, investment bank and a strong team of professional Allianz is the only full-spectre provider of occupational pension schemes in Austria.

Allianz is the top provider in the BAV, this fact gets regularly confirmed in market surveys - most recently once again by the AssCompact Award 2018, the most important indicator of brokerage partner satisfaction. 

Allianz has always been #1 since the introduction of the award.

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