Occupational pension provision:
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    Do you know that, according to § 3/1/15a EStG, you are allowed to redistribute up to 300,- Euro tax-free in a pension, sickness, accident or death cover for each employee of your company? 

    More than 90 percent of such models are implemented as pension plans. As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to provide your employees with this money as a voluntary social benefit or in the form of a salary conversion.

  • Cheaper and more profitable pension scheme
  • Contributions from salary conversion are free from payroll tax
  • Value added of the insurance is not subject to the tax on capital gains
  • One-time tax-free capital withdrawal possible
  • Irrevocable right of subscription to the employee or survivors
  • Cheaper and more profitable pension schemes
  • Gross for net – contributions free from taxes and levies
  • Value added of the insurance is not subject to the tax on capital gains
  • No additional costs for employers
Make more of your salary for your pension, your health or your survivors without tax on capital gains.
Would you like to receive an offer for more than 5 employees? Please download the Excel form and send it back to bav@allianz. at!

Thanks to the cooperation of life insurance, pension funds, investment bank and a strong team of professional Allianz is the only full-spectre provider of occupational pension schemes in Austria.

Allianz is the top provider in the BAV, this fact gets regularly confirmed in market surveys - most recently once again by the AssCompact Award 2018, the most important indicator of brokerage partner satisfaction. 

Allianz has always been #1 since the introduction of the award.

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