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The pension gap between active and passive income is narrowing. The reasons for this are:

  • Increasing life expectancy
  • Longer training periods
  • Decreasing birth rates
  • Shorter working hours

In order to maintain the standard of living in the pension, it needs alternative provision. 

The occupational pension system offers optimal solutions to reduce the pension gap.

Your Allianz advantages at a glance:

  • High public support through social security and tax savings
  • Special conditions for the company for collective models
  • Safeguarding of living standards
  • Optional: Survivors pension and insurance in the event of incapacity for work

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Contributions for occupational pension schemes are non-wage-free
  • In the case of corporations: Ideal precautionary instrument for board members, managing directors, procurators and senior employees
  • Motivation and commitment of important employees
  • Occupational pension provision is state-of-the-art for future-oriented companies
  • It is possible to supply shareholder executives and family members working in the company

Thanks to the cooperation of life insurance, pension funds, investment bank and a strong team of professional Allianz is the only full-spectre provider of occupational pension schemes in Austria.

Allianz is the top provider in the BAV, this fact gets regularly confirmed in market surveys - most recently once again by the AssCompact Award 2018, the most important indicator of brokerage partner satisfaction. 

Allianz has always been #1 since the introduction of the award.

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